Tax Planning

Most clients are interested in taking full advantage of ever changing tax laws to minimize their tax liabilities. Tax planning requires a knowledge of tax laws as well as knowledge of the client's financial affairs during the year. Clients are encourage to keep us abreast of their own changing financial changes so we may advice how to handle the transaction in the most tax efficient way. With most clients we keep up to date with their business changes when preparing and reviewing the management reports we prepare.

Good tax planning begins January 1st and continues throughout the year! It lowers your taxes and eliminates surprises on April 15!

Our business tax planning includes
use LLCs, corporations, S-corporations, retirement plans, and fringe benefits.

Our personal tax planning includes income tax planning, gift planning and estate tax reduction planning using tools such as trusts, family limited partnerships and tax appropriate investments.

To keep current with ever changing tax law, our consultants take continued education through out the year. In addition, our tax library, newsletters and updated software puts us on top of the best ways to keep clients taxes as low as possible.  

Let us help cut your taxes and reduce April 15 suprises!